Halloween Playboy Party

Halloween Party the scariest sexist party of 2015

We were assigned to promote the new Playboy energy drink coming to Cyprus, the product was due to be launched end of October, this was the perfect opportunity to link this event with an exclusive Halloween party.

We organised this event from start to finish, we chose the venue, the entire concept, the entertainment and the decor. We turned Dolce night club into a forest, we wanted to create a forest in the middle of Limassol, with famous strolling characters greeting the guests as they arrived. 

Playboy bunnies and playmates from Germany came to join the party too, great shows, free style dancers and golden satyrs strolling throughout the venue, and oh yes! we cannot forget our friend Edwin the dwarf who came as jigsaw.

This event was a first for Limassol, maybe even Cyprus, the word around was that everyone heard about this party, which was the main point, to promote the product as good as possible.